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Everyone needs some motivation at times. This section is designed to motivate you to love your life, get out there and do what needs to be done.

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If searching for happiness is an illness then "traveling" is the cure. Click here to discover new and exciting ways to make long-term traveling a reality.

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Every once and awhile we ramble on about life, love, happiness and philosophy. Try this section if you're into a more intellectual method of finding happiness.

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The latest from Searching For Your Zen. Continuing to strive for happiness and fulfillment through travel, personal challenges and moments of inspiration!

The Great American Roadtrip

Jess, Barney the dog and me have set out on "The Great American Road Trip!" We left on August 2nd and are camping, Couch Surfing and crashing across the US. Our goal is to only spend $100/day so we are sharing our budget trips and adventure stories as we go... see you on the road!
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