2 Solid Reasons to Visit Edmonton, AB

If you are doing a trip across Canada, Edmonton may find itself on your “Possibly Worth Seeing” list. It’s a few hours off HWY 1 though, so it’ll take you a few hours north into Alberta.
Sometimes just a couple awesome things make a city worth seeing and this post is all about “quality,” not “quantity.”

Here are 2 solid reasons to swing through Edmonton:


1. The West Edmonton Mall 


It’s the Largest Shopping Mall in North America! I know … it’s a horrible idea and I would usually stay away from such novelties, but my dad worked in it a long time ago and it is definitely “more than just a mall.”

Complete with an indoor water park, pirate ship, ice skating rink and roller coasters … this mall is actually pretty cool!

Waterpark at West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall Water Park

Ice Skating at West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall Ice Skating Rink

Pirate Ship at West Edmonton Mall

Pirate Ship at West Edmonton Mall

Roller Coaster at West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton Mall Roller Coaster

2. River Valley Parks

For Edmonton Park

The River Valley Parks are kind of like one big park that runs through the entire city along the North Saskatchewan River. It’s huge and I think the River Valley sets some kind of record for “biggest park in …  somewhere,” but I’m not sure. 

Either way, the riverside is very well kept up and is a good place to lounge, hike or walk dogs along the river.

It's the perfect place to walk the dog!

Edmonton Fort Park

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