21 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Happy!

To travel is to live. It is to step outside your comfort zone, shed our ignorances and broaden our horizons. Traveling is one of the best ways to discover the world and discover who we are at the same time. 

For those who dare, traveling will present new ways of doing things, challenge everything you thought you knew about the world and will leave you a more optimistic and haaaaappy person! 

Experiences define who we are. Life is about the accumulation of experiences and gaining wisdom. Ultimately, aren’t we all on a journey to become the best possible version of ourselves?

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In order to become our best self, we have to step outside comfort zones and challenge ourselves … that seems to scare the crap out of most people though!

Adventures don’t have to be scary though. Remember, the most nerve-racking part of a trip is getting on the plane.

So without further ado … get out there and see what the world has to offer!

21 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Happy!

Traveling is a challenge. Traveling challenges even the most resourceful people at times. Whether it’s learning how the train works in a new country or trying to figure out how to check into a hostel after hours … there is always a challenge waiting for you on the road.

People who travel are more tolerant. Life isn’t always the same when you are abroad. The daily rhythm of life and the way people do things will encourage you to realize that there are more than one way to do things. As a result, you will find that you are more patient and receptive to other people after traveling. 

Travelers discover more about themselves. Perhaps the greatest way to discover who you really are, is to throw yourself at the mercy of another culture and see how you handle yourself. There is an interesting phenomenon about traveling in that, you will become the minority being in someone else’s country, and that gives you an opportunity to view your actions and mannerisms from a more objective viewpoint. 

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Traveling recharges your brain. Every once and awhile we get stuck in a rut and stuck with in our own little world with our little habits, routines and intricacies. Going to far away lands resolutely breaks those trappings and re-sets your brain. 

Traveling is a great way to reduce stress. When you run into other travelers and chat with globe-trotters on planes, trains and busses, they usually have something in common… they are laid back, smiling and excited to be alive! A large part of that is due to the enormous weight that lifted off their shoulders the instant they began traveling.

A lot of people go to work everyday just to get by and they find themselves doing daily things as a kind of reactionary response to life … travelers typically travel solely in the moment and leave their anxieties and stress back home. 

Changing the pace of day-to-day life is important. Let’s face it, the daily monotonous grind can get irksome and tedious at points. Traveling will throw off you time-zones, alter your sleep patterns and force you to break your usual pace… this is a good thing for mental health. 

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It forces you to step outside your comfort zone. Traveling isn’t always comfortable. You will be exposed to new food, cultures, languages and ways of doing things. This is all slightly uncomfortable at first and when you get through it, you will be a better person for it. 

Mmm … delicious food awaits. What else is there to say? Delicious food awaits! 

You discover better ways to do things. It’s easy to think that your own culture does everything the right way. Spoiler Alert … It doesn’t! Asians eat with chop sticks, Europeans air-dry laundry and many tribes in Africa still carry things on their head … there are great reasons for all of these cultural differences and in many cases, they are “better” ways to do things.

Experiencing different cultures broadens your mind. Once you place yourself in a foreign land and look around, you will realize that despite the massive amount of differences we all have, there are even more similarities. Once you experience that revelation, you will view other cultures differently for the rest of your life. 

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You make new friends. Traveling forces you to interact with others and gives you unique bonding ground that you could never have if you just stayed at home.

You become more optimistic. When you are traveling your mind just melts away pessimism. Discovering new cultures and seeing far-away cities sparks the mind! It heightens the senses and you will find that you are quicker to smile and slower to judge!

Travelers tend to bring out the best in one another. If you find yourself amongst a group of travelers you will be in good company. Travelers love to tell stories, interact with other travelers and express their openness towards all cultures.

If you’re traveling … you aren’t working! Let’s just admit it … work sucks! Take some time off and take a break to travel the world!

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You can try things that you wouldn’t try back home. New locations offer new experiences. SCUBA diving, skiing, canyoning, photography, hiking, riding trains, eating new food, cooking new food, and so forth!

You appreciate home more. After your travels you will view home with a whole new perspective. You will appreciate the comforts of home that you used to take advantage of. All of a sudden, HOME can become more exciting after returning from a trip. 

It’s an awesome way to discover new hobbies. By introducing new experiences and new cultures, you may find that there are some un-discovered hobbies that await you.

Maybe you will realize you love hiking when you walk to the top of Machu Picchu … Or maybe you will discover you have an affinity towards learning languages on the road … Or maybe you will just remind yourself how much you love reading during the downtime of your travels.

Whatever it may be, traveling will give you new hobbies it you let it!

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You will find what is really important in life. Sometimes, in the midst of your routine and daily life the things that are really important are forgotten, pushed aside or taken for granted. 

Traveling, has a funny way of re-setting that equilibrium and, when you return from your grand adventure, the important things in life will become more in focus. 

Detaching from day-to-day life is important for self-reflection. When is the last time you focused on your own strengths and weaknesses or areas you wanted to improve? Maybe there are some hobbies or goals that you brushed to the wayside? 

It happens to everyone because we get so engrossed in our routine and the daily grind that we have no time left to spend on ourselves.

Perhaps, disappearing for awhile will allow your mind to return back to your motivations and desires. Then work on trying to work them into your busy routine awaiting you back home.

The world becomes smaller. Once you have been to another part of the world your outlook on life changes.

Before traveling, foreign lands are thought of as unrelatable and different. “They are just a bunch of people on the other side of the water!”

After traveling though, you realize just how similar everyone is. People everywhere care about family and are concerned about their children. Education, politics and quality of life are massively important to people everywhere.

Once you have seen foreign lands, borders and cultures have a funny way of blending together and what was once unattainable and impossibly far away becomes just a flight away! 

Traveling changes your perspective on life. It should be apparent by now, but traveling is obviously going to change the way you view yourself and others.

Most importantly, traveling will help you define how small you are in the world and how exciting life can be!

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13 thoughts on “21 Reasons Why Traveling Makes You Happy!

    • Dan Post author

      Food is definitely a major part of people’s lives everywhere … it makes for a pretty awesome way to experience and interact with new cultures! Can’t go wrong with good food!

  1. Stefan

    Totally agree – most importantly, travel really puts things into perspective and makes you take an honest look at your life and what you want to achieve from it :)

  2. Beth | Adventuring the Great Wide Somewhere

    These are all great points! My favorite, and the one that I think has made the greatest impact on my own life, is realizing how similar people are across the world. Take away the groups we put people in (country, race, sex, etc.) and it’s interesting to see how similar people are at the core.

    Oh, and also food. Sometimes I feel like half the reason I travel to try foods that are as authentic and tasty as possible!

    • Dan Post author

      :) I love it! Food and people … doesn’t get any better than that. Thanks a lot for the comment and I wish you the best travels in your future!

  3. Vicki

    These are all such great reasons to travel and I agree with *almost* everyone – except ‘the world gets smaller.’ I agree, that you broaden your mind and so in terms of people and culture, the world is smaller – But I find the more I travel, the more I want to see, and the bigger the world seems to get – and my list of places to visit gets longer and longer – and with it more distant, exotic, untouched destinations – which definitely adds to the travel miles!!


  4. Rob Taylor

    Funny to think that a few of these reasons coincide: becoming more optimistic AND breaking the day to day. I think you can’t have one without the other, and traveling definitely does that.

  5. mark

    wow great list i can certainly relate to stepping outside of your comfort zone. Travel challenges you in so many different ways in all aspects. Travel is the great unknown for all us you just never know whats around the next corner


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