A Fun Day in Chicago

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For this post I’m not going to give you a “Top … Things To Do” list or a bunch of suggestions of things to see and conquer during your trip to Chicago. This is partly because Jess and I are still on the road, I’m completely backed up with articles to write and … well, perhaps I’m feeling rather lazy today.

BUT!!!!! ………  The biggest reason for this lackadaisical post is because Chicago is a city that must be experienced. Chicago is a city that you can only love by walking the streets, eating pizza, meandering the water’s edge, sitting in parks and in front of fountains. Chicago must be felt!

The Bean, Chicago, self, portrait
Cloud Gate (the bean)

Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US by population (Fun Fact: the 3rd largest by size is Houston, TX) and there is no doubt about that when you first arrive. The skyline is 2nd only to New York City (Another Fun Fact: I am writing this post from NYC) and the architecture and scope of museums, parks, fountains and buildings is overwhelming and awesome!

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I love Chicago and it’s one of the few places I could almost see myself living. There’s a personality to the city that seems to almost challenge you when you get there … it’s almost like there is an invitation that hangs over you in Chicago, as if to say, “So … do you think you could cut it in Chicago?” Well if you can, it’s a city that will never stop giving!

Whew! Well that building tour was something eh?

If you want to see all those buildings check out the Free Walking Tour for Chicago! They do a pretty good job and it will give you a chance to hear some of the cool history and how Chicago burned to the ground in 1871.  It’s definitely worth learning about while you’re there.

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Nature, City, birds, geese, taking, flight, fly, urban

Alright, well now that you know next to nothing about Chicago, but you’ve seen some pretty awesome pictures!! … Let’s close with some words of wisdom from Dan:

  • Don’t Park Downtown! Holy crap it is soooo expensive, I was mad for a week about the parking downtown. Take the L-Train and avoid parking at all costs!
  • Do a Walking Tour – It’s good exercise, free and a good way to orient yourself and learn something about Chicago.
  • Go to the Adler Planetarium – I’m not going to recommend going inside, but go there for the awesome view of the Chicago Skyline. Barney is viewing the city from the Adler Planetarium (2 photos above).
  • See the Art Institute of Chicago – Whether you’re into Museums of not, this is massively famous and they have some really cool stuff in here! Even if you’re a Proud-to-be-Philistine … even you will recognize a few things here 😉
  • Eat Pizza – Chicago’s deep dish pizza really is delicious.
  • Don’t Park Downtown! – Did I mention that already? Yeah, seriously don’t do it; you’ll be mad for a week.
Buckingham Fountain
Crown Fountain

2 thoughts on “A Fun Day in Chicago

  1. Sue Reddel

    Try using Spot Hero next time you come to Chicago. It will help you find affordable parking downtown. I have to go downtown all the time for business and I wouldn’t park without it. Can’t wait to read about what you thought about the pizza and which one you had.

    • Dan Post author

      Sue, thanks for the tip! Spot Hero is great! We have left Chicago, but we tried it in Washington DC and it really is awesome! Great suggestion!


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