Around the World in 60 Days

Jess and I made this video to capture an exciting 60 days on the road.
(5 countries, 3 continents, & tons of FUN!)

After traveling and bumbling around the world for the last year and a half, I have managed to accumulate more travel goals than I have checked off. What started as a goal to work and live in Asia turned into a goal to see Thailand, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand… what started as a plan to road trip through the US ended with uncertainty because now, Jess and I can’t decide whether we should backpack through South and Central America before starting our 3 month road trip through the US … and we’re adding Canada now too.

IMG_4403And so, as our journey carries on, more questions, adventures and destinations seem to pop up than get checked off. It’s like trying to read all the books on your “To Read” list only to discover the stack in the corner is rising faster than your words-per-minute can keep up with. When I lay in bed at night I consider all of this and am forced to ask whether this quest is futile or pointless. The only thing, the only reassuring thought that I continually come back to is, is that it’s always worthwhile so long as I can focus on where I am in this instant … and not where I am going.

With those thoughts in mind, Jess and I have just returned to China after a rather busy and adventurous summer. The way it worked out was that during our 2 months off from teaching we continually ended up flying east to get to our next destination… seeing as we started and ended in the same place (TheMiddleO’Nowhere, China) we managed to circumnavigate the globe in 60 days.

sunset 2

First country … Thailand!

Here’s a quick breakdown of what our summer looked like (feel free to click on any of the links to read more about what we did in those locations):

China —-> Thailand (3 Weeks)

We worked our way from south to north in Thailand… We started on the beaches of Phuket worked up the coast thru Hua Hin and Bangkok and ended our 3 week journey in northern Thailand – Chiang Mai (Elephant Kisses and Lady Boys) and Pai (Stitches and Scooters). Thailand has become one of our favorite countries in the world now.

Thailand —-> USA (10 days)


Back home for 10 days! It’s not always as exciting as it seems. I had bills, shopping, errands, and a years worth of obligations waiting to be taken care of in Seattle. Amidst the chaos of trying to beat back boring things, Jess and I did manage to have a blast by taking part in 2 friends’ wedding in the wine country and caught up with some other friends in the area. 

USA —-> Canada (2 Weeks)

IMG_4398IMG_4379Now it was Jess’ turn to take care of those tedious day-to-day tasks! Selling cars, planning accordingly for dogs, figuring out mortgages/rent, paying bills, doctor’s visits and buying things we can’t get in China were just a few of the things that made the to-do-list. Aside from that, we still managed to squeeze in a bit of fun! We spent a weekend in a cabin by the lake, sang karaoke in her brother’s garage, went swimming, ate a lot of awesome food, and visited her grandparents, to mention a few things. All in all it was a great trip to the Land of Living Skies!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.38.21 PM  IMG_4466  IMG_4457

Canada —-> Scotland (2 Weeks)

Ah Scotland … I will forever have fond memories. My identical twin brother got married in the highlands and it was the perfect end to our traveling summer. Kilts, Scotch, and a Highlands Wedding was as memorable of an experience as I have ever had while traveling. There was no shortage of good people, scotch, laughter, scotch, adventures, or scotch … did I mention Scotch?

Dustin Me at wedding     DSCN0928  IMG_4477      IMG_4550

Scotland —-> China

IMG_3380And so ended our 60 days around the world. Our flight from Scotland back to China wasn’t smooth… I almost got us kicked off the plane for arguing with the lady about how ridiculous KLM’s baggage rules are, we had a 5 hour delay in Moscow, stayed in the world’s smallest hostel room, roughed the ridiculously packed train terminal of Beijing West Train Station, and caught a taxi back to MiddleO’Nowhere, China … which involved jumping fences, switching cars, and a taxi driver falling asleep on the highway … more to come on that adventure. For now, we have eased back into rural China life, our classrooms are ready, and gearing up for another 10 months of teaching English.


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