Barney’s Version – Missoula, Montanta

My mom and Dan packed me up after we were done in Glacier National Park and we headed off to Missoula, MT. I think we left in such a hurry because I started a fight with a Great Dane and showed him who’s the boss around these parts and we had to keep moving in case there were other monstrous dogs to keep in line.

*Jess side note – Barney tried to show the Great Dane who’s the boss, and was instantly shown that the Great Dane was indeed the boss.

Dog Camping

The first night in Missoula, we drove around a lot because we couldn’t find a campground. We finally found one but they made us camp out in a field in front of the office … we didn’t even have our own site! The parentals were pretty upset but I didn’t see what the big deal was, there were plenty of good pee places!

The next night we stayed at a KOA though… we really like KOA (Kampgrounds of America)! They have big sites to pee on, pools (but I’m not allowed in), wi-fi which keeps Dan happy and they even had a dog park for ME!

Either way, I’m finally getting used to this whole “camping” thing. We had a spot in the middle of some trees and a squirrel kept coming down and taunting me, but I couldn’t have a squirrel lunch because Mom tied me up. Apparently “camping” means being tied to things all day and sitting around something hot that makes my eyes burn called a “campfire” … I think I’m still afraid of it :/

The Big "M"

Missoula, Montana

Missoula was my favourite place that I have ever been. As we drove there, I stared out the window and watched all the mountains go by. Once we were there, we went to a carousel (which I couldn’t ride, but I watched). People who were riding the horses kept trying to grab for some rings that were beside the carousel. Apparently if you get a special one, you win a free ride on the horses.

Missoula Carousel

Missoula Carousel

The Buttercup Market Cafe

The Buttercup Market Cafe

We went to coffee shops and as I was laying on the sidewalk at one of the coffee shops, a mail lady went by and gave me a cookie!! Can you believe it? The people in Missoula are so nice! We also went to my favourite dog park in the world called Jacob’s Island Dog Park. I got to run through trees, hop over rock beds and splash in the river. All in the same park!

Orange Acres Farm

Orange Acres Farm

At Jacob's Island Dog Park in Missoula

Barney by the River

Flathead River

Flathead River, Montana

We decided to give camping a break and stay on a farm! There were two other dogs, some chickens (real ones, not like my  toy Chicken), sheep, rabbits, and a bunch of people who stayed and helped on the farm and who pet me whenever they saw me. I loved it on the farm. My mom and Dan helped out too while they were there.

So there I was, hanging out with Dan by the rabbit hutches when, completely unprovoked and out of the blue, a wasp stung me! I took it like the big tough dog that I am. (Dan side note – He actually did not handle it well) But my eye got really sore and itchy. My mom gave me something to help with the swelling and it knocked me out so I spent most of the rest of the day pretty out of it and napping. When I would go outside, I was kind of jumpy around other little creatures. Who knew that something so small could hurt you so much?

Poor Barney Got Stung By a Hornet

Dog Stung by Bee

Anyway, the other people on the farm thought I was a good boy and well behaved and they invited me back if I want to come be a farm dog for awhile. Oh and I guess Jess and Dan were invited along too.

And before I forget! I am a swimmer now. No big deal really, I just swam in the river for the first time …. ALONE!

Barney's First Swim!

Dog Learning to Swm

Barney Can Swim!

Barney Swims

See you at the dog park,
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