Glacier National Park Photo Essay

This journey will capture some of the must-see locations at Glacier National Park! First of all, it is absolutely massive and beautiful! There’s an unlimited amount of hiking trails and scenic drives that will bring a smile to anyone’s face :)

Quick Info (if you’re interested):

Glacier is beautiful in the summer but very busy and packed with people (generally May-early Sept). Fall is great, but facilities will start to close down. Winter is a good time to see everything covered in snow and you can enjoy cross-country skiing. Spring comes late and is short-lived, but it can be one of the quieter times of the year.

What you want to see will dictate how long you should stay. I’d say you can get a good overview of the park and drive through all the famous locations in 2 days (minimum). If you want to hike though, you could easily spend a week or more trekking the over 700 miles of trails. There are also plenty of tours, boating, fishing and biking opportunities.

Going to the Sun Road is an absolutely-must-see if you’re going to Glacier National Park. It is a windy, fun road that peaks at Logan’s Pass and connect east and west Glacier. Parts of the road are open all year, even in the winter, but plowing becomes a monumental challenge each year. Going To The Sun Road has it’s own “Current Road Status” section (see link below).

Glacier is crazy busy during the summer and most of the campgrounds are first-come first-served; all of which seem to fill up before noon. You can make reservations at “Fish Creek, “St. Mary,” and group reservations at “Apgar.”

Glacier National Park is open every day of the year and you can enter at any time. Many facilities close down during the winter, but there are lots of good cross-country skiing opportunities at that time. If you are driving to Glacier from any distance away, you will probably need to camp or book a hotel outside and then get up early the next day to get into the park and get a campsite (most sites are gone between 8-11am).

Staying inside may not be all it’s cracked up to be! There are tons of campgrounds and hotels close by and you should consider sleeping outside the park and then driving in during the days. Camping varies between $10-$23/night during the summer season.

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And now … let’s jump into the Photo Essay!

View from "Going To The Sun Road"

Glacier National Park

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald

Going to the Sun Road - Viewpoint

Viewpoint on Going to the Sun Road

The Famous Photo-in-Front-of-a-Sign!

West Glacier, Glacier National Park

St. Mary - NE Entrance

St. Mary Entrance -Glacier National Park

Barney Takes in the Scenery

Barney goes to Glacier National Park

Logan's Pass

Logan's Pass - Glacier National Park

A Closer Look of the Waterfall

Glacier National Park

Hungry Horse Dam & Reservoir

Hungry Horse Dam

Barney at Hungry Horse

Barney goes to Hungry Horse Dam!

At a Campground Outside Glacier

Camping Outside Glacier National Park