The Great American Road Trip

We are Dan, Jess & Barney!
We are fairly regular people who just love traveling, road tripping and meeting new people from around the world! We have now finished our road trip through the US and this page is dedicated to what we saw!
We started in Saskatoon, Canada on August 2nd, 2015 and finished in Vancouver, Canada on November 21st, 2015. Happy Travels!

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Meet Us
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Articles From the Road:

Where We Stayed:

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14 thoughts on “The Great American Road Trip

  1. Tami

    How does the couchsurfing go for you? I’ve considering hosting couchsurfers, but am just a little worried about what to expect! They are often talking about wanting to share a beer or go bar-hopping, and I don’t drink alcohol. That could be kind of awkward, right?

    • Dan Post author

      Hey Tami …. Couch Surfing is fairly effectively regulated by user reviews. It definitely sounds a bit sketchy the first time you meet up with a stranger :) but I have come to trust the Couch Surfing community and really love it! The key for me (especially if you’re new to it) is to read the person’s reviews (the reviews that others have written about them) and also read their profile page. You can get a very good idea about someone based on what others wrote about them and what they write about themselves. If they have any negative comments I wouldn’t meet them. You aren’t going to get along with everyone, but you can get a good idea about them beforehand based on the reviews and their profile. THE MORE REVIEWS THEY HAVE THE BETTER.

      You can also add to your profile “I don’t drink” and that will avoid a lot of the requests from people who do drink. I think it’s possible to have fun bar-hopping sober … but I suspect you would have more fun with someone who doesn’t view alcohol as “the event” itself.

      If you’d like to read a bit more I wrote this post a little while ago about CSing:

      Happy travels and I hope that helps a bit!

    • Dan Post author

      Hey, yeah! We’d love to meet up :) A pint in Chicago would be hard to pass up! We’ll stay in touch as we get closer!

    • Dan Post author

      Can’t wait! We’re looking at maybe 2 or 2 1/2 weeks from now! I’ll call you once we get into Colorado and see if we can line up a a good time to meet!

      • A McElroy

        Arlene and Dakota are hoping they do not miss you because Arlene goes to Canada and Dakota to LA Oct 15 to 18th. I work Tues to Friday at Wally World so I am best on the Saturday to Monday days off. Hope this does not screw things up for you. You know the McElroy’s, nobody stays home anymore. Looking forward to seeing you if it works out for you. Joe

        • Dan Post author

          Looking forward to seeing you too! We will make it work. I’ll call you guys in the next couple days and game plan!


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