I Won the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

Woooo hoooo!!! I won the Liebster Award! Thanks a ton to Megan at Megs Wandering for nominating me!
Now then … what exactly is the Liebster Award? After doing a bit of research I discovered a few things about the Liebster Award

– It is an online award that promotes new bloggers and welcomes them to the “blogosphere”
– The Liebster Award uses the concept of a “Chain Letter”
– The award comes with 11 questions and once answered, you nominate 5 other bloggers that you like (with less than 3,000 followers)
– If you accept the award you have basically won the award … so I’m a winner!
* For more information on the Liebster Award check out Wording Well.

So, without further Ado … here are the answers to my 11 questions:

1. What would be your dream job?

Start my own hostel someday! After traveling the world, I think owning a hostel in one of my favorite places would be a great way to settle down while bringing the world to me.

2. Do you speak a language, and if so which?

Short answer … No I really suck at learning languages.

Slightly less short answer … I can get by (very very very limited proficiency) in Mandarin and French

3. In which place did you find the best food, and what was it?

2 Answers:
1. I really love Thai food, so as a general rule of thumb my favorite food is all over Thailand.
2. One of the best meals I’ve ever had was at a French restaurant called the Bamboo Buddha in Hoi An, Vietnam.

4. America or Asia?


I’ve lived in China for 2 years and spent close to 3 months traveling SE Asia. I love Asia as a place to travel, but sometimes I get put off with how life just seems a little harder for locals in Asia. They seem to hold less value on individual rights and comforts … I appreciate the freedom and individualism that comes with N. America.
* As for S. America, I have not been there yet so I can’t include them in my vote for “America”

5. Do you have a favorite hostel?

Hostel One in Barcelona.
It’s the longest I have ever stayed at a single hostel and I met my gf there 2 years ago!

6. What would be your number 1 tip for new travelers?


I promise you, you don’t need all that crap you think you need. Pack light and pack small if you can. After a month on the road you will appreciate a lighter backpack.

7. Which 1 thing goes on every trip with you?

I actually have 5 :) … and I even wrote an article about it: 5 Cheap Things I Won’t Travel Without!
But, if I must pick 1 thing, it would have to be …. drum roll …. !!!!! ……
A Book!

8. What are your favourite apps for traveling?

Good question!

Instagram – it’s a fast and easy way to save cool pictures and get them out into the world.
Skype – the best way to stay in touch (for free) with everyone back home!
Facebook – It’s another great way to stay in touch with people.

9. What was one of the scariest situations you found yourself in?

I would like to think I don’t easily scare … and objectively, I’d say that’s fairly accurate…
However … I bungee jumped off the Macau Tower towards the end of 2014 and it was adequately terrifying (World’s Highest Bungee Jump).

10. Favourite mode of transportation?

Ah …. riding a scooter with no particular place to go!
It’s the best way to travel :)

11. If you could go back and visit 1 place you have already visited – where would it be?

It’s a close call between Barcelona and Rome:

Barcelona (for sentimental reasons)
Rome (for being a huge, fascinating & exciting city to get lost in)

And now … for my own nominations! I love all these blogs and they are all unique and personalized in their own way:

1. Le and David at Wise Monkeys Abroad
2. Samantha and Yeison at My Tan Feet
3. Tine and Fractions of the World
4. Andrea at No Money Will Travel
5. Alana at Paper Planes

And here are my 11 questions for the awesome bloggers above:

1. What was the “nudge” that got you to start traveling seriously?
2. What is your number 1 destination that is still on your “To See” list?
3. Do you prefer traveling alone or with someone?
4. What is something unique about you, that only you do while traveling?
5. What do you think is the best way to fund long-term traveling?
6. Do you carry your passport with you at all times or do you leave it in the hostel/hotel?
7. What is your least favorite place you have been and why?
8. Do you currently have a home base somewhere or are you just drifting?
9. Do you prefer hostels, hotels or Couch Surfing?
10. Have you ever been robbed on the road?
11. What is the meaning of life?? 😉

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    • Dan Post author

      It took a couple searches to track down the “official rules” haha … that’s mostly because there aren’t any “official” rules. It’s just a fun way for bloggers to promote each other and get the word out there! Thanks for swinging by Arnie!


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