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There are tons of people traveling and sharing their experiences around the world. As a new blogger I was astounded by the amount of information out there there that talks about new destinations, traveling, and city guides! Now, before I go to a new city or country, I do most of my research through the blogs below. They will give you a firsthand account of what to do and see, with a personal touch that allows you to picture yourself in your new destination before you get there! These are the Travel Sites that I have found myself going back to multiple times!

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Travel Blogs (I love Andrew & Emily’s Photo of the Week section) (Not just another travel blog … Angie is becoming one of the most popular travel blogs online) (Extremely valuable resource for hiking and traveling) (These two “goats” are just too fun not to follow) (Outstanding writer, she sucks you in before you realize what happened) (They have some awesome Travel Tips) (Megan is a hard working blogger and has an amazing website. I love the clickable map on her homepage) (One of the greats … Matador Network is professional, exceptional, and very informative about travel) (Lesh and Jazza are on an epic trip around the world and I always love seeing them pop up on my FB feed) (Matt is the biggest travel blogger online … Cruise his site for awhile and it becomes obvious why) (An awesome url name and awesome blogger) (Again, a top notch blog with a massive fan base. Check out Nora’s “Week in the Life” series) (She has an artsy and personal touch to everything she writes, she will keep you coming back to read her articles) (Talk about an inspiring website … these guys have combined adventure travel with changing the world) (Greg Rodgers has put together a hell of a site and I believe he’s creeping up on a decade of travel!) (I love the photography and style of this blog. Their FB page is is always catching my attention) (This site is just a whole lotta fun! The Wise Monkeys are witty, lighthearted and do some really cool things)

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) (Dave is still the biggest and best resource for job hunting and TEFL world wide) (Mike at Hello Teacher has really created something great with this Teaching Resource for Asia)

Minimalism (Not a travel blog, but Traveling and Minimalism can be similar in a lot of ways. These guys are the experts on Minimalism)

Photography (I don’t go to many photography sites, but when I do this is a great option!) (If you’re looking for a great photography resource with guides, tips and suggestions on what camera to buy or how to capture that next great shot; Mary at The Best Indeed has the answer. Check it out!)

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