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9 Ways to Sustain your Traveling Addiction

Traveling is the method of discovering how similar we all are! It does not take long to discover that extremely different cultures all share uncanny resemblances to our own culture. It seems as if traveling and seeing the world is the best way to effectively grasp that powerful bond that people share across the planet.

In many ways Searching for your Zen will be found on the road, in foreign lands, and amongst different cultures. Challenge yourself to discover those “strange” cultures that are not your own. You will realize that they are not so different than yours and through their insights, stories, and compassion you will discover the humbling effects of travel.

Traveling is addicting! So here are 9 ways travel sustainably (click links to read more)

1. TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language: Teaching English is an amazing way to find yourself working and living in a foreign country. The world is made available through becoming an English teacher… and it’s easier than you might think!


2. WWOOF – International Organic Farming: These are not just your average farms throughout the world. The farms that WWOOFing will make available to you are run by ecologically conscious farmers and ranchers who have decided to follow a way of life that they believe in. This is truly an outstanding way to live, gain experience, and help reduce your carbon footprint. You will undoubtedly learn something about yourself along the WWOOFing path, and you will improve the world you live in along the way.

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3. Travel Writing: If you like traveling and writing, then travel writing may be the path for you! There are countless publications, magazines, newspapers, editorials, and websites all focused on bringing the world to their readers. In order to do that, they need people like you who like to write and are willing to go to places worth writing about. I stumbled on a great blog that describes how you can use Travel Writing to fund your traveling (click here).


4. Travel Photographer: Like Travel Writing, there are thousands of people out there who want people with experience using a camera, to get that perfect shot in foreign lands! To learn more about travel photography, visit the Travel Photographer link.

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5. Work Away: Work Away is a an outstanding way to work abroad, see new cultures, pick up a new language and make life long friends! If your primary goal is to ingratiate yourself in a new country and experience local culture, then WorkAway is a great place to start looking! It is a unique opportunity to experience freedom while maintaining a high quality of life.

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6. the Boating Community: Whether you want to learn how to sail and get your own vessel, or jump aboard someone else’s boat for work; there is a vast amount of options for the hearty sea traveler. Even if you never considered boating before; check out this link to learn more about seeing the world by means of the sea … you may be surprised how feasible it is!


7. House Sitting: House sitting is kind of a little known secret in the international travel community. It is a means to plug yourself into some of the world’s most beautiful and scenic places, and all the while, you are actually helping someone who needs a devoted adventurer to care for their home as if it were their own. For the right person (or couples), this is an incredibly efficient way to get out there and chase those destinations you’ve always wanted to see. 

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8. Couch Surfing: There is no way to fully gain the appreciation of CouchSurfing until you have tried it! Although, sleeping on a complete stranger’s couch and trying to get a decent night’s sleep may seem daunting to some; CouchSurfers truly are a tight knit community that is packed with like minded individuals that you may never have realized existed! … And there are tens of thousands of surfers all over the world! The spirit of Surfing is one of maintaining a high quality of life, experiencing and meeting new cultures, and creating experiences and new relationships that would be otherwise impossible. Although Couch Surfing is not a means to travel cheaply (even though it’s free), the members and travelers on the site will enhance your traveling experience and show you some hidden secrets within their own communities. Click the link to learn more and give it a try sometime!

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9. Mobile LivingMobile Living requires a conscious decision to remove yourself from the material trappings of society, simplifying your life, and focusing only on what makes you happy. Mobile Life  seems to have a fairly tight-knit community and strives on budgeting, keeping things simple, and focusing on what really matters in life … your happiness. If traveling around the country in the same place you sleep, eat, and live sounds like something that might interest you, check out the YouTube video HERE on Mobile Living (careful, it’s pretty motivating)!


“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and  things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”  – Mark Twain

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