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Mark, ICALTop 7 Challenges of Teaching English Abroad:
Mark Johnson is an international traveler and an expert in the world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (T
EFL). Follow along as he discusses some of the less-talked-about challenges associated with teaching overseas.
What to Expect in the First Month:
Jess is a Canadian in her first 3 months of teaching English in China. She is 26 and had no previous teaching experience prior to traveling to China. In this interview she discusses what you can expect to see during your first month abroad.
TEFL, Teacher, China2 Years Teaching English in Rural China:
Harry has been teaching English in the rural Henan provence of China for the past 2 years. I was fortunate enough to get the chance to talk to him about his experiences and how he ended up becoming a TEFL teacher in such a remote location. 
3 Months in Peru – An Insider’s Account:
This is Andrew’s account of his 3 months teaching English in Peru. He has a unique perspective because he has taught English in 2 different continents AND he has taught both children and adults. 

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  2. Alouise

    I’ve been looking into taking a TEFL course and teaching English overseas. Definitely going to bookmark this page to check out all the links.

    • Dan Post author

      Alouise … browse around as much as you want and if you have any comments feel free to ask! I just barely got back to N. America after teaching in China for 2 years, so it’s still fresh in my mind. Good luck on your research and I’d love to help if I can – Dan


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