The Umbrella Revolution

Sometimes opportunities just seem to come up on the road that you never expect. Things that you weren’t really planning on doing, but once you got there realized that you absolutely had to be apart of.

In Europe for example, I got the opportunity to see A Pope Get Elected. I happened to be in Germany around the same time and I just had to change my plans slightly to get to Rome in time for the white smoke over St. Peter’s Basilica. It was such a big event at the time, that regardless of people’s previous travel plans they were all working around seeing the pope in the Vatican.

Recently, while teaching english in China Jess and I decided that we wanted to take a trip to the south. Eventually, we scored a one-week vacation for a Chinese holiday and decided to visit Guangzhou (China’s 3rd largest city), Macau (where I did the world’s highest bungee jump) and Hong Kong!

It just so happened that while we were in Hong Kong, The Umbrella Revolution was going on at the same time… and so, this article attempts to capture one of those unlikely experiences that just sort of happened while traveling. 

Scenes from the Umbrella Revolution (Hong Kong):



Once we got to Hong Kong we planned on keeping a low profile. We knew the protests were going on from the news and we just wanted to enjoy Hong Kong and stay away from all that. The picture above was taken on a street 1 minute from our hostel… We quickly realized that the protesters were apart of daily Hong Kong life now and staying away would be impossible. 

IMG_4671         IMG_4715

Once we saw the protestors it was easy to get excited about their cause and feel apart of it! They were adamantly protesting for their freedom, standing up to the Chinese government (which has proven to be a bold move in history) and doing it in a very peaceful manner. I was continually impressed with the success and drive of the protests.

IMG_4701    IMG_4665    IMG_4655

I would recommend that travelers are always conscious of political strife and current events in the countries they are headed to. Hong Kong though, proved to be enlightening and encouraging event for us. It was exciting being apart of a moment in history for the future of Hong Kong … at the same time though, similar situations have been known to get out of hand quickly and caution shouldn’t be dismissed lightly. I don’t regret seeing the protests in Hong Kong at all … but it served as a good reminder to always strive to be street smart and educated about where you are… and of course HAVE FUN :)


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