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First of all, thanks for swinging by the blog and thanks for your interest in working with Searching For Your Zen, a travel blog focused on happiness and adventure! My name is Dan and I’m interested in living life to the fullest, finding adventure in unlikely places and discovering those moments that seem to radiate happiness.

If you would like to know more about me or the website check out my About page.

If you have any questions at all :
Try the Contact Me page OR email me directly at:

Why Work With Me?

I love traveling! Traveling is what I do and it is what I will continue to do! I travel because it makes me happy, not because it’s a job. 

Working with me is easy! I approach every project with the uniqueness and the personal attention that it deserves. Not every project is similar and I will work with you to ensure that the details you want to see, shine through in the final product. 

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Why I’m qualified

   I’ve traveled to 23 Countries   
   I’ve lived in 5 countries  
   I have stayed in 50+ Hostels around the world  
   I like Skydiving, Bungee Jumping & SCUBA Diving (product placement)  
   I use high quality photos in my articles (I use a Sony a6000 digital camera)  
   I can do Photo and Video editing  
   I use Social Media and marketing strategies daily  
   I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Relations (with a Business emphasis)  

I am proud to have worked with the following organizations:
(To see my articles/contributions Contact Me):

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Leaf Canoe
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Website Stats (The Media Kit)

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What Can I Do For YOU?

Personalized Articles

Travel related Companies

[  0-250 Words ($25) / 251 – 1,000 Words ($50)  ]

If you are in the Travel Industry and would like a “boots on the ground” perspective for your next article, I’m your man! I have been to 23 Countries and have an in depth knowledge of:

BackpackingHostelingTeaching English as a Foreign LanguageLiving in a Foreign Country

Hospitality Industry

[  0-250 Words ($25) / 251 – 1,000 Words ($50)  ]

I am a budget traveler so I prefer to work with budget related companies. If you have a restaurant, tourist attraction, business or hostel I will write a professional review, share across my Social Media Network in addition to posting a review on Trip Advisor and/or Yelp (optional).

Travel Agencies, Tourist AttractionsHostelsRestaurantsBudget HotelsLocal Businesses

Other Bloggers

[  Free / Backlinks and Social Sharing  ]

Are you a blogger? I provide Guest Articles and actually love doing them. Just get a hold of me if you need a break and want a fresh perspective on your website. I work for backlinks and shares!

Destination Guides

City Guides

(Example City Guide: “8 Things to do in Shanghai“)

[  0-250 Words ($25) / 251 – 1,000 Words ($50)  ]

I provide personalized and professional guides for specific cities. I tailor guides to what you are looking for. Guides could be about: Places to Eat, Things to do, Local Bars, Popular Attractions, Budget Accommodation, etc.

Currently I live and travel frequently across the United States & Canada. For a map of cities I will be going to this summer (2015) Click Here.

Country / Area Itineraries

Example of a Country or Area Itinerary: China)

[  New Itinerary ($75) /  Existing Itinerary for commercial use ($25) ]

Itineraries help travelers who are planning their next vacation, but only have a certain amount of time and don’t know where  to go. I am able to provide 1, 2, 3 & 4 weeks (+) itineraries. Itineraries come with maps and a variety of different routes.

* I only do Itineraries for countries I’ve traveled extensively in:

CambodiaCanadaChinaGermanyItalyThailandUnited KingdomUnited StatesVietnam

Western Europe, North AmericaSoutheast Asia

Text Links (Trackbacks)

Previously Written Articles & Posts (already appear on this website)

[  2 Text Links $10 / Additional Text Links $3/per* ]
* In the interest of post fluidness and readability there is a max of 2 Text-Links inserted into a single article or post.

If you see an Article or Post on this website that aligns with your marketing strategy and product, I will casually and uniquely work your brand into the article (so long as it’s possible). In the article, I will provide 2 Text Links directly to a ‘url’ or your choosing.

I only work with brands and companies related to AdventureTravel, Backpacking, Hosteling & Happiness.

I am happy to share post & article stats upon request (Contact Me).

New Articles & Posts (written specifically for you)

[  Article + Header Text Link + 2 Text Links in Body ($50)  ]

If you would like a uniquely written article with Text Links back to your site, I will write an article of your choosing and post it on Searching For Your Zen. All articles are shared across my Social Media Network and hash-tagged appropriately.

New Articles must mesh with the theme of Searching For Your Zen (Budget Travel, Adventure, Backpacking, Hosteling, Finding Happiness).

Product Reviews

Travel Gear and Equipment Reviews

[  Prices Negotiable  ]

I do professional product reviews for products related to Travel, Adventure, the Pursuit of Happiness, Hosteling & Backpacking. Prices are based on the nature of your product and the amount of time necessary to test it and familiarize myself with it.

I focus on SEO and Social Networking to get your product to my followers.

I am willing to do Adventure Sports if it is necessary to fully test your product (ie. Skydiving, Bungee Jumping, Hiking Treks, Canyoning, etc.)

Currently I travel with an iPhone 5, GoPro Hero3+ and a Sony a6000 Digital Camera. Types of products that I could review include, but are not limited to:

Travel AccessoriesPhotographyAdventure Sports, BackpackingHiking

Hospitality Industry

[  0-250 Words ($25) / 251 – 1,000 Words ($50)  ]

I am a budget traveler so I prefer to work with budget related companies. If you have a restaurant, tourist attraction, business or hostel I will write a professional review, share across my Social Media Network and post reviews on Trip Advisor & Yelp.

Travel Agencies, Tourist AttractionsHostelsRestaurantsBudget HotelsLocal Businesses

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